Always Reliable. Guaranteed.
24x7 Server Monitoring
24x7x365 Monitoring
24x7x365 Support
0% Packetloss
100% Power & Cooling
24x7x365 Hardware Replacement

Reliability Guaranteed

The world never sleeps, so why should your business ever be offline? Our number one mission at Reliable Serves it to ensure your hosting environment is online 100% of the time! We guarantee all of our services with comprehensive SLAs covering our network, data center facilities and more!

100% Reliable Power & HVAC Availability

Opened in late 2010, our state of the art LEED certified data center is one of the most sophisticated facilities in the United States. Our power and cooling systems implement N+2 redundancy and on site diesel backup. Your contract service level agreement includes the guarantee that you will experience ZERO power or cooling loss!

Looking for more details on our datacenter facilities? Click here to learn more!

100% Reliable Network Uptime

Our network topology is build from the ground up with redundancy and reliability in mind. Reliable Servers constantly monitored and multi-homed network delivers high speeds with 100% uptime and we back this guarantee through our comprehensive networking SLA.

Reliable Hardware Replacement Guarantee

When you purchase Reliable Servers, have confidence knowing you are buying specially configured packages that our company readily stocks in large numbers. Not only will you be online within hours, but we maintain a large supply of backup components. Should any hardware component fail, our 24x7 network operations team is standing by to replace failed parts and make sure your downtime is no longer than 90 minutes.

0% PacketLoss Guarantee

Our network topology is build from the ground up with redundancy and reliability in mind. Reliable Servers has built in redundancy in our core routing in order to ensure an always reliable high speed network that experiences no packet loss to our upstream providers and we back this through our comprehensive networking SLA.
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