Service Level Agreement
Last Revised: 01/21/2011

ReliableServers offers a 100% Packetloss-Free Guarantee via this Service Level Agreement ("SLA") based on network and power availability. This SLA is provided as a supplement to the Hosting Terms and Conditions You agreed to in becoming a ReliableServers customer, which is hereby incorporated by reference as an indispensable part of this SLA.

ReliableServers reserves the right to modify the outage scale in this SLA at any time. If ReliableServers modifies these amounts, ReliableServers will provide You with thirty (30) days notice prior to such changes being effective. Your continued use of the Services after the effective date of any changes to this SLA constitutes Your manifestation of intent to be bound by such changes.

This uptime guarantee is applicable on a per-service-item basis and is not applied to Your entire invoice. For example, if You have fifty (50) servers with Us, and one (1) of those servers experiences downtime, any credit due to You under this uptime guarantee would be proportional to that one (1) server's downtime and not Your entire account with Us. Additionally, if the power is bundled with other servers power will be defined as $75 per server.

Our uptime guarantee is based on the following outage scale:

Network Outage Time Frame Credit Amount
Less than 10 minutes No credit
11 - 59 minutes 2 Days Service
60-180 minutes 5 Days Service
180+ minutes 7 Days Service

Power Outage Time Frame Credit Amount
Less than 10 minutes No credit
11 - 59 minutes 2 Days Service
60-180 minutes 5 Days Service
181-300 10 Days Service
300+ 30 Days Service

The uptime guarantee ONLY applies to network and power availability. The uptime guarantee does NOT apply to server-side software uptime. Any outage due to server software, operating systems, improper configurations or any other non-network or non-power outage, for any reason and whether or not such outage is caused by Us due to upgrading, troubleshooting or performing any other tasks, is not subject to this uptime guarantee. Furthermore, these guarantees may not be combined. For example, a power outage that also disrupts network activity will not qualify You for two (2) separate credits. If a power outage was the basis for the connectivity loss, the credits from the power portion of the guarantee will apply.

Maximum credit of 7 days Service in any given calendar Month.

You agree and acknowledge that all other terms, limitations, exclusions, disclaimers and requirements contained in ReliableServers's Hosting Terms and Conditions apply to this SLA.

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